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Most credit reports contain errors that can lower your score and keep you from living the life you deserve. We use the power of the law to remove common credit report errors. Most people can raise their credit scores by 50-100 points or more by following our program.

Step One

01 Investigation Request

We request an investigation with creditors, collectors, and credit bureaus to ensure the accuracy of your credit reports. We also request records for each account to search for violations in order to demand the correction or deletion of any inaccurate or erroneous account.

Step Two

02Prove it or Remove it

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that if an item on your credit report is inaccurate, unverifiable, or incomplete, it must be corrected or removed. Our job is to prove to the credit bureaus and data furnishers why an item should be removed based on the errors and violations that we uncover through our aggressive disputing tactics.

Step Three

03 Credit Rebuilding

Changes to your credit report, including the removal of negative items, will cause your scores to fluctuate based on the accounts that remain on your report. This means that it is important to replace negative accounts with positive accounts. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take in order to add new positive lines of credit, as well as provide you with additional personalized recommendations to continue improving your credit scores.

Step Four

04Communication and Security

After each investigation, you will receive a Case Review with the results of the disputes, immediate recommendations, and next steps on file. You’ll also receive frequent emails, calls, and texts from our team who will make sure you are staying on track and ready to help answer any questions along the way. From the moment you start the process, you will be able to track and monitor the progress of your disputes, communicate with the Processing Department, and upload bureau and credit or responses, all done securely through our 256-bit encrypted Client Portal for maximum security and data protection.

Don’t Let Credit Hold Back Your Dreams

Credit impacts almost every area of your financial life. With great credit you can keep more of your hard earned money and achieve your financial goals.

Home Ownership

Get your credit ready to purchase a new home.

Automobile Purchase

Take advantage of the lower rates and fees.

Lower Interest Rates

Get better interest rates on credit cards and loans.

Career Opportunity

Pass an employers credit check with confidence.



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