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Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, we understand the value of leveraging your credit. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their personal credit, and entrepreneurs start and grow their business. We believe that by educating consumers on credit, we can help empower their lives and help them on their journey to better credit.

Our Founder

In 2016, shortly after his time in the Marine Corps, Ray Bueno was taken advantage of by phony debt collectors. After paying more than $3,850 to the phony debt collectors, who falsely promised that his credit would improve after the debt was resolved, Ray did more research on debt collection and found out that this company was in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Because the company was not legitimate, he filed a lawsuit with the help of Daniel Tam, from Tam Law Group, and was fortunate enough to win his money back. He realized that this has probably happened, or could happento others as well. Ray decided to make a video about his experience on his YouTube channel, Keeping it Real with Credit, titled "Never Ever Pay Collections'' and shared his thoughts on how consumers should be more cautious when communicating with debt collectors. He has created educational videos, including information on how collection agencies operate, how to dispute, the rights you have as a consumer, and the laws that protect you, so that people can be equipped with the knowledge of how they should handle their debts and their credit.

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